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Anonymous asked:

My dom regularly dissapears for weeks, or even months at a time, like cuts off contact completely with me. It really bothers me and I when confront him he just says the same thing and that he won't go away again, but always does. :( Idk what to do.


You’re convenient. when he has nothing else to spend his time on or cant find something he considers better he’ll turn to you. To him you’re like that tv show you watch when nothing else is on tv. Its high time you return the favour since he likes to cut off all contact with no explanation i want you to do the same, cut off all contact with him when he calls ignore, when he knocks pretend you dont know anyone by that name, infact just forget he exists. And never ever ever give him an explanation on why you have changed your behaviour. Let him jump to his own conclusions (I hope you’re strong enough to pull away.) 

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